Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 Things Challenge Home/Town

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Home/Town. I couldn't think of a convenient way to combine the two, so I just put them up separately.

This is My Home

This is My Town

But the question remains, is it my "home town"? I've lived here for almost 12 years, but one tends to think of their home town as where they grew up, if indeed they grew up in a single town. I did not grow up in this small town, but a larger small city in Georgia. I spent more years in Birmingham and immediate suburbs than I have here. I love it here though, with its small town atmosphere, but there are constant subtle reminders that we're outsiders. We weren't born here. Heck, we didn't even grow up here. We can't even remember who lived in that nice house on the corner before they died back in '87. So is this my home town? No, but for right now, it's my town.


Vivian said...

Hi Larry, that is a great shot of your beautiful house....very nice. Looks like you have a lot of property and well landscaped if I may say.

Your home town is where ever you live now, I suppose. But you could have used a town where you used to live too. If the town you live in now feels like home....then you can claim it as your own! : )
btw....that is an awesome photo of a night shot at Christmas time with all the lights....really nice!
The photo I used this week is the town I work in, because I don't have any good photos of my home town, and didn't have time to go take one. Besides, I love the town I work's so cute!

Maya said...

I love the second shot. It is a good question. I am trying to decide if I tell people over here in Europe if my hometown is Flagstaff, AZ where I grew up, or Seattle, WA where I've lived the last 17 years and plan to return to when I'm done here.