Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 Things Challenge Large / Dainty

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Large / Dainty. This rather large dog is dressed in a very dainty outfit for her appearance at the Do Dah Day Parade in Birmingham, Alabama. I don't think she looks very pleased about the whole thing. Perhaps she would rather have spikes on her collar.

Do Day Day is an annual (May 15 this year) party and parade in Birmingham for the benefit of the local charities, especially animal related charities. People dress their dogs, cats, tortoises, groundhogs, children and even themselves in the most outlandish costumes and parade through some of the nice older neighborhoods, listen to live music in the parks, eat, and in general have a rollicking good time. Their pets' opinions of the whole affair are yet to be determined.


Maya said...

That's just wrong... poor little thing. I think a spike collar would be much better!

Carolyn Ford said...

or...just a normal collar.

Rob said...

Nice, both large and dainty!