Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Things Challenge Merge/Diverge

The 2 Things Challenge for this week is Merge / Diverge.

Here is my entry. Depending on your point of view, or your direction of travel if you prefer, these old tracks can be said to either merge or diverge. I actually think this particular branch is abandoned and has been so for a long time (tall weeds and rusty rails). Whatever facility they served has been closed and itself abandoned for years too. But the through tracks in the background, they haul tons and tons of coal to the nearby power plant on a daily basis, and sometimes other freight trains too.

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Tash said...

What a great find, love the angle on the tracks! It's perfect for the challenge. So much merging and diverging.
I was thinking of freeway interchange, but I already posted that on PVDP 2 weeks ago.

Maya said...

Nice interpretation! Thanks for taking over Two Things!!