Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lonely Ginkgo in a Foggy Forest

Over 50 years ago my mother-in-law started this Ginkgo from a seed picked up on the grounds of a hospital in Philadelphia. She brought it back and planted it across the drive from her farm house in central PA.

There it grows amongst the oak and ash trees and provides lovely color every fall for her enjoyment, mine too when I'm there at the right time. This foggy morning the day before Thanksgiving, with just a few hangers on, it stood there with it's fading beauty and awaited the snow.


Debi said...

BEAUTIFUL photo!!! I love the cool yellow against the cool blues.

The story of the ginko seed is uplifting, too. How many seeds have I had the chance to gather but think, "Nah. It'll never take root." Silly me.

Eeyore said...