Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Candlelighting

As part of the Christmas Program at our little Columbiana United Methodist Church, we had a candlelighting.

A nearby suburb of Birmingham informed their churches that to hold candlelightings they needed to get a permit from the fire department and to have two firemen on duty at the church during the service. No such requirement in Columbiana, although we do have several volunteer firemen who are members of the church and there is a fire extinguisher readily available behind the pianist.


Tash said...

So very pretty and festive. Looks like a lot of musical talent there. Must have been quite a spiritual service.

Eeyore said...

It was, but all the instrumentalists except the pianist and organist were hired from the local professional ranks, or college music majors looking to pick up a Christmas gig. It amazes me how they can come in and with very little practice, mesh so well together.

Virginia said...

But the question remains..... can the pianist extinguish a fire and play "Silent Night" at the same time!! :)

PS I had relatives and friends in Columbiana growing up.