Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It was so cold in the Birmingham area recently. I'm pretty sure that I read it was the coldest first two weeks in January, EVER!!! Well, I'm sure they mean since records have been kept, but BRRRRRR! Can't wait for next month's power bill. Just to keep warm in our drafty house we kept a fire going for several days. Burned up all my firewood. Snuggle up to this and you'll feel better.


And today it is 66 degrees and sunny. What a turnaround. Still, I think this is, on average, going to be the coldest January since records have been kept.

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Vivian said...

That's a pretty fire, Larry. This would be a good picture for this weeks 2 Thing Challenge, yes? I like the way the fire is behind the log.
BTW...I TAGGED YOU! Check out my blog, Snapshots for details. : )