Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Tree Sparkle Drops

Christmas trees fall into 3 categories. First, there are the plastic and metal artificial kind. That's what we have, pre-lit, Wal-Mart special, half price after Christmas last year. Second there are live trees, either in large pots or with burlap wrapped roots, intended to be planted after Christmas to make an outdoor tree next year. That's what Kristina and Jackson had this year. Third, there are cut trees, often advertised as "live," but which, as my wife says, are in fact "dead, they just don't know it yet."

Wednesday the weather here was superb, especially after the first two weeks of January. High 60's, sun shining brilliantly. Kristina hasn't planted her Christmas tree yet, so my wife watered it in the pot on the patio. I was sitting outside enjoying the warm sunshine when I noticed the droplets of water all over the needles, sparkling like miniature ornaments. It turned out to be much harder to capture than I thought it would be. Sometimes the camera just cannot see what I see, no matter what I try. Anyway, just below the big drop in the middle, is a tiny little sampling of what I saw. You may have to click out to Flickr and view large size to really see it.

Christmas Tree Drops

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